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 Sefa Züccaciye On March 3, 2009, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Salih Aybirdi and his son, Mr. It was founded by İdris Aybirdi at İSTOÇ Trade Center.

  The Perotti brand, founded by Salih Aybirdi and İdris Aybirdi, combined with the visionary, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of his son İdris Aybirdi, the experience of 35 years of working life, investments and hardworking personality of Salih Aybirdi. has made progress.

  Focusing on production as of 2020 beyond importing, Sefa Züccaciye started to export by increasing its production rate in Turkey. It produces plastic bathroom and kitchen sets mainly in Turkey.

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  Reaching a capital of 75 million in the first days of 2023, Sefa Züccaciye started to serve in its new building, Perotti Plaza, in İSTOÇ Trade Center as of June 2022.

  Sefa Züccaciye operates in the sector with more than 10 registered trademarks and hundreds of registered design products in Turkey and in many countries of the world.

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