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Our Sustainability Policy

  Every step taken to carry today's values into the future should be included in our sustainable goals. Some principles have been adopted in order for our Perotti brand to be sustainable and to lead our industry as stated in our vision. Unless otherwise stated, it is aimed that each individual under the umbrella of the Perotti brand will comply.

The principles that feed and adopt our sustainability policy are listed below.

  • Social and environmental dimensions should be taken into account during our activities.

  • It rejects all discrimination that disrupts your equality of opportunity, creates discrimination based on origin or includes discrimination based on gender.

  • Corruption and making unfair profits are considered crimes.

  • Necessary time should be given to get to know our staff and assign them according to their abilities.

  • People who are open to innovations and have entrepreneurial ability, are open to developing themselves and their business, adopt the values of our organization and will keep these values alive should be brought in.

  • It is aimed to raise the awareness of every individual under the roof of our organization on sustainability.

  • It is aimed to minimize the damage to the environment during the production process.

  • Steps should be taken to seize opportunities and prevent future threats by creating the necessary analysis.

  • By adopting occupational health and safety, it is aimed to increase productivity by providing the necessary trainings in order to raise the awareness of the personnel about work accidents and occupational diseases.

  • It has been adopted as a principle to keep our sustainability goals up to date with the requirements of the time and to share them with every individual under the roof of our organization.

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