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Our Human Resources Policy

  Sefa Züccaciye San. Trade and LTD. STI. (Perotti) aims to take decisions in accordance with employee rights. With the creation of job descriptions, it is aimed to determine the social compliance levels, to evaluate the people with team spirit, who can take the necessary decisions in possible future crises or opportunities, in the right positions and to provide maximum benefit from mutual interaction.

  • To follow the necessary training and professional developments closely and to encourage our employees to training in this direction,

  • To support his/her personal development or to provide a balance between his/her social life,

  • Giving priority to applications that will provide motivation,

  • To measure the satisfaction levels of our employees at regular intervals and to provide the necessary arrangements,

  • Progress of recruitment processes under the leadership of equal opportunity and fair decision making,

  • To stay away from social status, gender, age, race and similar concepts that marginalize people,

  • Contributing to women's employment,

  • It aims to avoid situations where human and employee rights are violated, such as child labor, forced labor, pressure on employees, discrimination or inequality.

  Sefa Züccaciye San. Trade and LTD. STI. (Perotti) is intended to be valid on behalf of all employees.

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