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CEO Message

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        My friends,

  Humanity has been going through a difficult time since December 2019. The effects of the economic crisis that started in the post-pandemic world reached the highest level in 2022. The increase in inflation, the increase in foreign exchange, the increase in unemployment and the decrease in purchasing power have also adversely affected our country.


 International organizations show that economic recovery is starting to take place, although this situation differs between countries. We are confident that promising steps will be taken for a sustainable development in 2023, as we observe that our country is in the recovery process and that the negativities are starting to fall behind.

  We have been continuing our adventure, which we started at ISTOC in the early 2000s, at our new head office, Perotti Plaza, since 24 June 2022 . Using the pandemic and economic crisis as an excuse, we have not parted ways with any of our colleagues, and we continue to increase the number of our personnel day by day.

  We continue to grow by adding new products and new designs to the glassware industry. As of 2022, the number of registered trademarks with the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office has reached 20, and the number of registered industrial designs has reached 100. In addition, our main brand Perotti started to be protected in the international arena by getting a trademark registration.

  We are working hard every day for Turkey's economic growth. We are also happy to be an organization that is followed, followed and taken as an example in the sector with our 13-year history. In 2023, we aim to follow technological developments closely, implement them and continue to develop with innovative studies.

  Best regards…

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     İDRIS AYBİRDİ

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